Sabtu, 28 Maret 2009

traveling jepara

Jepara Paradise

Jepara to become the tourist destination of Jawa, located at the shore of North Jawa, with it’s famous white sand beaches, blue sea, hotels and restaurants, historical monuments, national parks, furniture and souvenir shopping, clean city are the proud of Jepara.

The city of Jepara, worldwide known in the furniture business, since some foreigners started to export it’s unique carved furniture products about 25 years ago, currently accomodates a 3,000 expats, employed in the furniture- and other business.

The best swimming beach in Jepara is the crowded visited Bandengan Bay Beach, with clear waters, clean wide beach, and powdered sugar sand, perfect for sunbathing.

There are many other bays around Jepara, most of them still in original state, where you may only see your own footprints during a walk.

Local fishermen celebrating Ketupatan, a traditional celebration for safety on the water.

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  1. ane bangga jadi warga jepara broo.. mampir di blog ane jg yaa